“A fashion picture is a portrait just as a portrait is a fashion picture” –  Irving Penn

Yagub Allahverdiyev, photographer for more than 15 years, born and raised in Azerbaijan and attended photography school in Montreal, Canada. He used to work in different area of art such as cinema, dance, theatre, music, circus.

He is inspired by a variety of diverse art forms, such as visual arts, dance, film, circus, literature and music. Through his photos, he wishes to convey the emotions he perceives and thus tells stories that the public can appropriate.

His photographs have been published internationally in magazines such as The Malvie, 6X Fine Art, The Moevir, GMARO, The M.O.S.T., Marika, Boys Magazine, ICONIC Magazine and his pictures have been appreciated by the editors of VOGUE Italia. He has collaborated with a lot of Canadian and international fashion designers.